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Courses to renew or gain your unarmed security guard license. Get training from top professionals and start making money as an security guard in just 1 week!

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Looking to start your career as an armed security guard? Maybe just looking to renew your current license. Our classes can get you started today!

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Courses for self-defense & concealed weapons permit. Advanced weapons courses taught by top instructors.                     

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Nevada Security Guard Training

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Start Your Career As A Nevada Security Guard

Is it time you took the next step in your Nevada security career? Opportunities are opening up all over the state in the fast-growing, exciting security field and Security Guard Exchange has the classes you need to score the type of job you’ve been waiting for. Whether you want to become an armed security guard or you just need some tactical training Nevada Security Guard Exchange has the right course for you! Call now to talk to a security specialist and be on your way to a quality professional education.

Whether you’re a seasoned security professional or you’re just getting started in the industry, additional training is always an investment in your future. Our instructors are the best in the area and they’ve got years of experience which translates to the type of security instruction you need to land the right job. Security Guard Exchange uses a variety of instructional methods to make sure you’re well-rounded when you graduate including tactical training, classroom lecture and even gun-range instruction.

In Nevada, careers in unarmed security as well as armed security are readily available – it’s one of the only industries that’s still growing despite the downturn in the economy! When you graduate from a Nevada Security Guard Exchange program you’ll gain access to our extensive security jobs board, helping you find work faster. We also offer hands-on job placement assistance to all our students…finding you a rewarding job in the security industry isn’t just your priority, it’s ours too!

No matter what your security goal, Security Guard Exchange has you covered. From learning CPR to legal liability issues to crisis avoidance, your security education means being prepared for any situation that may arise while on the job. Both experienced security officers and new recruits alike need training to ensure they’re up to date on current regulations and licensing issues in Nevada – why not let us help?

If you’ve still got questions about Security Guard Exchange in Nevada give a local center a call today. From Reno to Vegas we’ve got the quality training you expect from a professional security studio – find out more about our affordable rates and varied class times today. You can even get signed up right over the phone…Security Guard Exchange is making it easier than ever before to earn your licenses and become a security professional in Nevada!

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